This website has been made by adopted teens for adopted teens.


What is AT-iD?

AT-iD stands for Adopted Teens identity. It is a project set up by the Yorkshire & Humber adoption consortium with a vision of offering adopted teenagers a space they can call their own.

AT-iD consists of;

AT-iD Website- Open to anyone, offering useful information & insight into the experiences of adopted teenagers.

Register to become a member of AT-iD and get access to our..

Online Chat Forum – A safe  online space where adoptees can talk, share, rant, giggle and support each other. Members can also ask questions or seek support from our project workers via the chat forum.

Activity Days – are an opportunity to make new friends and make new memories. They are held 4 x times a year and you get to have a say in what we do.

Youth Council – For those who are looking to get more involved and make a difference in adoption, members aged 13+ can join our panel and attend workshops  with the aim of  using views and experiences to help professionals and policy makers.

AT-iD is simply trying to do something that is aimed directly at adopted teenagers by bringing people together and offering a space where we can connect and be ourselves.


Who is it for?

Anyone who is;


Aged between 11 -18

Lives anywhere within Yorkshire or Humber

Has access to the internet either on their phone or computer

Teens from across Yorkshire and Humber have joined for all sorts of reasons; some because they just want to meet other adopted people as they don’t know anyone else adopted. Some because they want a chance to do new fun things and build their confidence, and some join because they feel isolated or alone and want people to talk to that understand.


Who runs it?

AT-iD has two project workers (Gaiena and Tanya) who know and understand adoption. The project is also supported by people who work within One Adoption Yorkshire and Humber’

The project workers are here to help create an on line community, organise activity days as suggested by you and work with the youth council to get the voice of young adopted people heard. Most recently we have made a short 20 minute film ‘Voices’ which features ATiD members talking about their experiences and feelings on adoption.

The project workers also offer support through the online chat forum & face to face at events if you want to talk to someone.

They will not judge you, tell you off, or share your information with your parents, social worker or anyone else unless there is a serious danger to yourself or someone else. They would always tell you who they would be sharing the information with and try and work out a way of doing so that you would be most happy with.

We are always happy to answer questions, nothing too big or small 😊


What are the benifits?

Becoming a member of AT-iD means you can:

  • Meet other adoptee’s and make new friends
  • Talk to other people who are adopted and understand adoption
  • Take part in various activities, do something new and challenging and all for free!
  • Get your voice heard by becoming a member of our Youth Council. Get paid for your time, gain new skills and be part of something that matters to you.


Confidentiality is really important to us and so is your privacy. If you want somewhere to hang out with other adopted teens we need to make sure that it’s a safe place for you. That’s why we need your parental consent and to make sure you are who you say you are.

It does not mean that we share everything you do or say with your parents. We only share information when there is a danger to yourself or others and we will look to do this in a way that is best for you and always talk it through with you.