Useful Links

Here Are Some Useful Links

These are links to other pages with information that may help you get another perspective on any issues that you may be dealing with.

 Young Minds


PAC-UK offers specialist therapy, advice, support, counselling and training for all affected by adoption and permanency.

After Adoption

After Adoption is a registered charity and this is a brilliant website with lots of information on how to find and contact birth families if you should wish to.

Bullying advice UK

Being bullied or know someone who is? Bullying UK offers advice on many forms of bullying , including cyber bullying and gives you practical advice on how to deal with it.

The Buddhist Centre

Sometimes we just worry too much! This website has information on how to clear your mind and find your inner calm.

Chapel FM

Helping young people question the world around them and gain creative skills in media and broadcasting. Next generation broadcasters interviewed our teens with a fantastic outcome!


Ditch the Label

Award winning anti-bullying charity


TALK Adoption

Think You Know

Useful tips, games and quiz’s about staying safe on line, there’s something useful for everyone!

Self Harm